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Fiber Optic Specialist, Network Engineer, Software Developer, Aspiring Cybersecurity Expert, OIF/OEF Combat Veteran, All Around Tech Geek,

Name: David Osisek

Email: dosisek

Discord: CamoZeroDay

Profile: | Field Services Supervisor | Network Engineer | Developer | Aspiring Cybersecurity Expert |


Fiber Optics 95%
Networking 75%
Python 80%
JavaScript 75%
Java 70%
About me

Born in 1987 in New Jersey, I embarked on my journey into the realm of technology as an aspiring developer and Cyber Security Analyst. My fascination with technology was ignited at the tender age of 10, following my first encounter with a personal computer. This early experience sparked a relentless curiosity about the inner workings of computers and set the stage for my future career path. While my jobe wasn't tech related, my service in the Army helped me find who I wanted to be and proved to be a transformative period, deepening my passion for technology and steering me towards specialized fields within the tech industry. It was during this time that I developed a keen interest in Web Development, Networking, Coaxial and Fiber Optics, Network Security, Software Development and Analysis, and, ultimately, Cyber Security. This diverse expertise has not only enriched my understanding of the digital world but also equipped me with a comprehensive skill set that I continue to expand in my professional endeavors.

I am passionate about technology and often work on multiple projects simultaneously. When I encounter an issue, I assess it and prioritize accordingly. I am currently working towards my Master's Degree in IT Security.

In my free time, I enjoy listening to music, spending time with my wife and children, working on random tech projects, being outdoors, and taking care of my homestead.

In addition to my technical pursuits, I have authored two publications. The first book delves into the intricacies of Fiber Optics, offering a comprehensive exploration of its principles and applications. The second book focuses on Linux, specifically its command-line interface, and includes practical cheat sheets to enhance user proficiency and efficiency. These works reflect my commitment to sharing knowledge and contributing to the broader tech community.
| Fiber Optics: A Comprehensive Guide |
| Linux Basics and Cheat Sheets |

My Services & Products

Here is an overview of the services & products I currently run/provide

Cloud Service

I host my own cloud service, allowing family and friends to store their files, manage their schedules using CalDAV add-ons, and create and edit spreadsheets, presentations, and other documents. The cloud is my most worked-on project to date. Keeping up with security, users, hardware, and unpredictable internet can turn into a daunting task.

Media Server

I have been running a media server for the same group of people who use my cloud service for quite a few years now. This is something I enjoy—being able to stream my own lossless audio and movies anywhere, rather than pay for services, is an amazing feat to me.


A DNS server is vital for resolving easy-to-remember URLs into the actual IP addresses that servers listen to, like, for example. Running one on your own is no easy task. Nevertheless, I took on the challenge myself, and it's working very well, resolving roughly 15 million requests every day, using my own upstream and recursive resolver.


Hacking, specifically malware and unauthorized access, has always fascinated me. This interest dovetails nicely with my existing network knowledge and software development skills.

Misc. Projects

I enjoy starting projects that I find fun; this approach helps keep me engaged and continually learning. My interests aren't confined to a specific area of technology. Recently, I've been assembling new boards for my Flipper Zero and working on developing a customizable service-level application. This app will allow users to display any data they choose in a widget, or across multiple devices, on a Raspberry Pi 4 (or newer models).










Showing what I have done so far in my life, and what I am doing right now


Field Services Supervisor
18 Apr. 2022 - Present

On Target Utility Construction

Lead Fiber Optic Splicer / TLW
Feb. 2020 - Apr. 2022

Perspecta (Now Peraton)

Premier Field Services Lead
Feb. 2019 - Dec. 2019


Communications Tech 3
Oct. 2016 - Feb. 2019

US Army

Staff Sergeant
Feb. 2005 - Jan. 2015

Education, Certifications, and Awards

How I've formally Educated myself

American InterContinental University

Masters Information Technology - IT Security

GPA 4.0
Oct. 2023 - Oct. 2024

American InterContinental University

Bachelor (BSIT) of Science in Information Technology - Software Analysis and Development
Cum Laude
GPA 3.69
Jul. 2022 - Oct. 2023

American InterContinental University

Certificate in Software Development
Nov. 2023


Introduction to Cybersecurity
Network Defense Essentials (NDE)
Digital Forensics Essentials (DFE)
Cybersecurity: Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst

Recipient of Certified Cybersecurity Technician (C|CT) Scholarship

Oct. 2023


Google Cybersecurity Professional Certificate
Jul. 2023

The Fiber Optic Association

Certified Fiber Optic Specialist

Issued Dec. 15 2021
Expires Dec. 15 2027